Hello From Us!

We just wanted to share with you a bit of our experience with parenthood and tell you more on how the idea behind this business came along.
The minute that test shows positive, your life will never be the same again; we all know that. The stressing and the overwhelming start to creep up on you and a million and one questions come rushing through your brain. You start reading up on articles, downloading baby apps, watching "Top 10 Baby Must Haves" videos and what not. Forget that. We found that practicality is the key to raising a baby. And THAT is what we are trying to sell here. 
A few questions that always come to mind before purchasing something are "Is it worth it?", "How long will I use it for?" and most importantly "Do I have space to store it later?". It's very hard to resist cute little shoes, fancy rocker chairs, or even pretty looking bottles. But do you really need it all? Clutter is one less thing you need around the house, and we all know how much stress the sight of clutter can add. Believe us, the less you have, the better your little heart will feel. 
And you know what's worse? Investing in one product, disliking it, and ending up buying an alternative; God forbid this happens. 
So here's what we've done: we've narrowed down the selection to our personal favorites. No two products on our site are the same or serve the same purpose. We've done our research, handpicked specific brands, tried and tested everything ourselves, and now we're passing on the recommendations. There are plenty of more amazing products yet to come, but as they say: baby steps (pun intended). 
We hope you like our selection and trust our judgement. We'd love to hear your feedback, personal experiences and recommendations too, so please feel free to share with us.