B.Box Diaper Caddy

Oh what a great piece this is to invest in to make life easier. This diaper caddy from B.box is the perfect unit to gather all your baby's needs in one spot. Fill it with diapers, wet wipes, cotton buds, diaper cream, thermometer, nail clipper, and anything else, and always have it near your changing pad. 

Two advantages about this caddy:

1- The drawer is great for storing smaller items that you don't want your baby to reach out to, like a nail clipper or cotton buds.

2- When your baby is older and starts fidgeting during diaper changes, you might want to move your changing pad lower, so having everything stored in one caddy is simply easier. This caddy is harder to nock over compared to a fabric one, so having this one sit on the floor isn't a big deal/ 

At around 6 months, I started changing for my daughter Lea on the floor. I wasn't going to take any risk of her falling and injuring herself. Now, the changing pad and caddy on the floor are just part of the room deco. 

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