Baby Bumco Diaper Cream Brush

When I was still pregnant and browsing online non-stop, I came across the Baby Bumco diaper cream brush, I thought to myself "wow, there's another useless thing they're trying to sell mothers".  

But after I had my baby, Lea, and I was applying diaper cream on her little bum almost during every diaper change, I would get really annoyed from the cream that would get stuck under my finger nails and I wasn't really enjoying putting my fingers in places where I shouldn't. 

Then I remembered this brush, purchased it, and it was a game changer. Applying the diaper cream was easier, faster, cleaner and definitely more hygienic. Also, I never have to worry about scratching her little bum with my nails. 

For cleaning it, you can either:

- wipe it off with wet wipes

- wipe it off on the diaper itself

- or do what I do: after I shower Lea, I dry her off from head to toe, and then use the towel to the clean the brush   

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